A word about Appassomento Style Wine

If you are familiar with Amarone wine, this is the style they use. The grapes are picked and left to dry out to almost like raisins then pressed. No one in this part of the country is doing it. We'd like to try it. It is popular in area's in Ontario Canada and I've tried the wine they are fantastic.

We have some very exciting events going on this fall​

  • Hobo Party
  • Sensory Perception Workshop
  • Rose`
  • Appassomento Style Wine​
  • Field Trips to Wineries


North Coast Wine Club

See Events calendar below to plan ahead. 

Call 440-821-4822 Tom

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Upcoming Events

The Home of International Award Winning Wines

Sept 23, 2017 10am.

Sept 23, 2017 10 am. The Crush Begins!
Grapes are being picked right now and will be here Sept 23, Sept 30th and Oct  7th and more keep these dates open. 
Zinfandel Sangiovese Merlot

These may be coming this Saturday

We have approximately 8,000 -12,000 pounds of grapes coming in this fall.
and 300 gallons of white juice

Grapes are going to be picked soon and will arrive the week of Sept 18th

More details to follow as we get closer to those dates.

Feel free to invite friends or anyone you know interested in making fine wines.

The Club, as always, will provide a main, Stuffed pepper casserole 
Please feel free to bring a side and show off your best secret.

P.S. Then the whites will be coming soon after that. Plan on a very busy fall

To order your fall grapes go here

Or mail a check to: 
North Coast Wine Club 
ATT: Tom Radu 
17 Woodside Road 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Please Bring a friend to check out the Club

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We are always in search of new members.
More members means more options

The wines are tasting REAL GOOD!