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We have some very exciting events going on in 2018l

  • Sensory Evaluation Workshop  
  • Summer Garden Party
  • Field Trips to Wineries

​​See below for an agenda of events

Fill Barrels with 2017 finished wine 
Jan 21st
Beer Making?

Sensory Workshop 
Feb 24th
Barrel Tastings 
Beer Making?

Barrel Tastings
Vineyard Wood's Rent-a-Row Meet & Greet  

Wine Making from Frozen Must and Chilean grapes 
Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack Frozen Must and Chilean grapes

Bottle last years 2017 Spring Chilean Wines, then they are available for pick up
Bottle 2017 White Wines
Racking 2018 Spring made wines

3rd Annual Summer Garden Party 
June 23
Rack 2018 Spring Wines to Barrels

More on the Sensory Workshop

You don’t need to be a master sommelier to understand wine varieties

Learn how the color of wine tells you its story.

We will take part in evaluating wine aromas utilizing a professional sensory perception test equipment that will enable you to understand and recognize the sensory perception of various wines.

There will be over 18 primary and 15 secondary aromas that you will try to identify. This part of the workshop will drive you nuts.

We will be sampling over 21 different wine variations. Taste how acid, sugar, alcohol, and tannin additions change the perception of wines.

We will also go over wine faults. Have you ever smelled TCA or cork taint? Learn what to look for, plus 9 other faults.

Then lets put into place what we have learned and experienced all day. We will do a blind tasting of 9 different wines and discuss what we smell and taste and do an analysis of each.

Lunch included 

​2018 Agenda

Niagara-on-the-Lake Field Trip 
July 26

Free Winemaking Workshop and New Member Recruiting Party 
Housekeeping - scrub'er down 
Plan and place grape/juice orders for wines to make in September/October

Bottle 2017 Reds - then they are available for pick up
2018 Grapes arrive. 
Start the winemaking process: Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack throughout the next two months.

3rd Annual Hobo Party Oct 20th
More 2018  Grapes arrive
Continue the winemaking process:  Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack
2018 White Juice arrives: Ferment, Rack

Rack White Wines
Rack Red Wines to Barrels
Place orders for Lemon / Lime Cello, Cherry Brandy, and Port

Make Lemon/Lime Cello, Cherry Brandy, and Port
Once completed, Bottle and distribute the above

Confirmed dates in  RED

The Home of International Award Winning Wines

North Coast Wine Club

Here is the Line Up for 2018 North Coast Wine Club
Feel Free to share this with friends and family.  
The Wine Club is looking for new memberships to help grow the club.


Upcoming Events

See Events calendar below to plan ahead. 

Sat. Feb 24th, 2018 8 am. - 4 pm.


Sensory Evaluation Workshop

Sensory evaluation. What is it?

Many courses are available to teach you about wine, winemaking, wine styles, and wine regions; usually, they are labeled “wine appreciation classes”.

However, few courses teach you how to taste wine and the scientific foundations to help you become a better taster.

Wine sensory evaluation and wine appreciation do differ not only on semantic but also on objectives. The former uses scientific methods to characterize wine attributes in an analytical way, the latter uses the taster technical knowledge as cues to grade the wine quality overall. 

Let's explore more. 

8:00-8:30      Introduction to Wine Varieties

8:30-09:00    Understanding Color

09:00-10:00  Evaluation Wine Aromas

10:00-10:15  Break     

10:15-11:15  Evaluate Wine Aromas – Fermentation – Aging - Tertiary Notes

11:15-Noon   Evaluate Wine Components Acid, Sugar, Alcohol, and Tannin

12:00-12:45  Lunch

12:45-1:45    Understanding Defects and Flaws

1:45-2:15      Break

2:15-4:15      Wine Evaluation Descriptive Analysis


$100 per person.

Sign up now space is limited to 20 people

Mail a check to: 
North Coast Wine Club 
ATT: Tom Radu 
17 Woodside Road 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Please Bring a friend to check out the Club

We are always in search of new members.
More members means more options