Chardonnay Un Oak                             $110 *

Chardonnay Oaked                              $130 *

Rose`                                                    $125 *

Riesling                                                 $110*

Gewürztraminer                                   $110*

​* Will be sourcing the best possible juice

All Yakima Valley Juice

Note: We need at least 24 cases to make a 60-gallon barrel  and 12 cases to make a 30-gallon barrel for each varietal

If you don't have a paypal account Contact Dave at and I can send you an invoice through paypal or you can mail a check to: 

North Coast Wine Club

30700 Bainbridge Rd 

Solon Ohio 44139

2019 Fall  Lineup

Zinfandel  Amador  County  CA      $190 *

Cab Sauvignon  Alexander Valley   $215 *

Cab Sauvignon  Red Mountain        $215 *

Pinot Noir    Russian River CA         $195 *

Sangiovese  Amador  County  CA    $195 *

Merlot          Russian River  CA        $185 *

Syrah    Horse Heaven Hills WA      $190 *

​Appassimento  GRAND RIVER         $200
(not part of mix membership case)

​​* Subject to change. We will be sourcing the best possible fruit

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