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Wine Making 
So our fall class usually begins in late September to early October.  Our spring class begins in March to April. Your wine will be ready for bottling before the next class begins.

The vineyards are a critical determinant in the end product wines for each and every vintage.  The North Coast Wine Club has many years of experience buying from well-established, known vineyards.

Winemaking begins with the grape harvest.  The North Coast Wine Club has two sessions, one for northern hemisphere grapes and one for southern hemisphere grapes. 

In the northern hemisphere, the harvest occurs from August thru November

In the southern hemisphere, the harvest occurs from February through April.  

We pick up the harvest at the North Coast Wine Club with the season’s first session that is crushing and de-stemming the grapes that are then put into primary fermentation.  The objective of crushing is not necessarily to squeeze all of the juice out of the grape but to split the external skin and allow the juice to start its run, giving the sugar from the juice its first chance to mingle with the natural yeast found on the grape's skin. It's the combination of yeast and sugar that produces the wine's alcohol.

You’ll come back in a week or two to press your wine and put the juice into barrels for fermentation.  This step will take three to four months during which time you will need to rack your wine a couple times to remove sediment from your maturing wine and to top off the barrels.

Next, you bottle and label your wine.  You are now ready to impress your friends and family with the fruits of your labor.  Your wine will continue to age and mature in the bottle developing an even more enhanced taste.