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Winery Hours 4:30-8 pm Thursdays


Every third Wednesday of the month at
6:30 pm, the North Coast Wine Club will host a “Wine of the Month” series.  A selected wine from a number of different price points will be featured.  

Almost every “Wine of the Month” has sold out. Please act QUICKLY!

The tasting will be at
The North Coast Wine Club
30700 Bainbridge Rd., Solon, OH 44139

This is a private event and is open to members and guests. Come and expand your taste and knowledge of wine! 

We will examine an aroma profile of the featured wine using our Wine Awakening Kit.  We will then taste between five and six wines, compare and analyze their differences, and then discuss them.  

Light snacks will be served at the break. 

We can take 25 people at our new winery.


$xx per person. Seating is limited.*​​​ 

*This is a private and educational event. The fee is only for the snacks and the educational materials. The wine is complimentary.

Wine of the Month Tasting Event

North Coast Wine Club

Call 440-821-4822 Tom

          216-215-2586 Dave

Wine of the Month

Jan - Pinot Noir  SOLD OUT

Feb - Amarone/Appassimento SOLD OUT

March -Gewürztraminer  SOLD OUT

April - Sangiovese SOLD OUT

May - Rose  SOLD OUT

June - Sav Blanc SOLD OUT

July --  No Wine of the Month

Aug --No Wine of the Month

​Sept -Merlot SOLD OUT

Oct -  Riesling

Nov - none

Dec - none

Jan - Syrah