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Winemakers Workshop

Thursday Sept 13th 6pm to 9pm

This is open to all club members, potential new members, and friends.
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With the Fall Crush coming upon us we thought it would be a good idea to 
have a workshop on winemaking 

This workshop will give you an overview of the winemaking process and introduce you to the art of winemaking. At the end of the workshop, you should understand:
* An overview of the winemaking process.
* The characteristics of wine types and styles.
* Winery sanitation and general winery practices.
* Winemaking equipment and technology.
* Materials and supplies used in winemaking.
* Grape maturity testing and processing.

* The Crush
* The basics of primary fermentation.
* Secondary or malo-lactic fermentation.
* Wine clarification and practices.
* Wine maturation and aging.
* Finished product packaging.
* Sensory evaluation of wine.

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