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San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition - Winners from North Coast Wine Club: 2023

2021 Carmenere DOUBE GOLD      2020 Appassimento - Silver    2021 Sauv Blanc - Silver


At this Winery

 We make Premium, Organic  Wines as a group. You are not alone in your basement or garage.

We buy Premium Grapes from all over the world. We don't make wine from kits. It does take extra time, but isn't that true for all the  best things in life?

If you do it Yourself . . . 

Do you want to join The North Coast Wine Club or sit home and do it yourself?

Come join. Contact us here.

Here is a list of the  wines that we make. 

In addition to amazing wines, members of The North Coast Wine Club bring great food to events. The club provides the main course and the members bring sides.


Make & Taste International Award Winning Wines

Winery Hours 4:30-8 pm Thursdays

30700 Bainbridge Road, Solon, OH 44139

        440-821-4822 Tom

           216-215-2586 Dave

Gold and Silver Comes to the Wine Club