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           216-215-2586 Dave

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We are looking at doing some more educational events this winter.

Some topics

Wine Makers Workshop                 January

Blending Workshop                    February

A Day in Tuscany                          February

Whole Cluster Series                     March

Verticle Flight                               March

Wine of the Month                         April

These workshops fill up in days don't hesitate

The Whole Cluster Series represents three fermentations of Pinot Noir, all from the same block of the Louise Vineyard at the Cristom estate in Willamette Valley.

One crucial variable is isolated - varying levels of whole clusters (grape bunches on their stems) in a fermenter. (Typically, red wines have their stems removed before fermentation by a de-stemmer machine.) 

The 0%, 50%, and 100% whole cluster bottlings allow you to evaluate how this classic winemaking method manifests on the palate.

This is a perfect tasting for the Pint Noir lover.

Whole Cluster Series

 With Dave Sabo and Tom Radu 

 March  16th 2024  11am - 1 pm