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Winery Hours 4:30-8 pm Thursdays

30700 Bainbridge Road, Solon, OH 44139

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Look here for future educational events​

We are looking at doing some more educational events this winter.

Some topics

Wine Makers Workshop                 January

Blending Workshop                       February

Tasting Notes                               February

Old World vs. New Wolrd               March

Warm Climate vs. Cool Climate     ?????

Vertical Flights                              ???? 

This is part six of a 7+ part series.

Aging Vessels
Famous Wine Blends
Bold Reds
Pinot Noir: Four Ways
Tasting Terms

Old World vs. New World
Warm Climate vs Cool Climate
and more

The above seminars will be held over the next seven months.

Light snacks will be served during the break.

The event is private and open to members and guests. Come and expand your taste and knowledge of wine! 

These workshops sell out in days don't hesitate