Make & Taste International Award Winning Wines

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Wine Making 

At the  North Coast Wine Club,  we use professional, commercial-grade winemaking equipment and combine this with expert winemakers to make award-winning wines.  Tom Radu, the founder of the North Coast Wine Club and Winery, has many years of experience making wine.  Dave Sabo, the co-owner, has recently received his Enology degree from Kent State University, the only winemaking degree program in the State of Ohio. Club Members complete the winemaking experience by participating at each step of the process. 

Vineyards are a critical determinant of the end product wines for every vintage. The North Coast Wine Club has many years of experience buying from well-established vineyards. Our source vineyards have made Double Gold and Gold Award-winning wines.

Winemaking begins with the grape harvest.  The North Coast Wine Club has two sessions, one in the fall (from August through November) for northern hemisphere grapes, and one in the spring (from April through June) for the southern hemisphere grapes.   

There are five steps to making amazing wines all completed with the guidance of professionals at the North Coast Wine Club:

1st Step Crush & Destem:
We pick up the freshly harvested grapes from source vineyards and then crush and de-stem them. The objective of crushing is not to squeeze all of the juice out of the grapes but to split the external skins and allow the juice to start its run. The primary fermentation is started by adding yeast.  The combination of yeast and sugar produces the wine's alcohol; this product is now called "must".

2nd Step Pressing:
In a week or two we gently press the must with a bladder press.  This is now considered "wine".  Next, the wine is placed into stainless steel tanks to allow the gross lees to settle to the bottom of the tank.

3rd Step Racking:
Twice in the next six weeks, we will rack the wine. This consists of gently moving the wine with a pump from one tank to another tank, leaving behind lees. This helps clarify the wine.

4th Step Aging:

The wine is then racked to French Oak Barrels and placed in our climate-controlled barrel room for aging.  Aging will take 6-24 months. Polymerization of the wine occurs in the barrels and adds complexity and flavors to the wine. 

5th Step Bottling:
Once the winemakers determine the readiness of the wine, it will be bottled and ready for labeling at the club. The wine is then ready to be taken home.  You will impress your friends and family with the fruits of your labor.  Your wine will continue to age and mature in the bottle, developing an enhanced taste with time.