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How do I Join?

There is a $250 annual fee for The North Coast Wine Club.

This fee includes a one-year membership, which allows you to participate in the club’s events and you will receive one mixed or a single varietal case of wine your choice. *limitations apply 

You also are welcome to all events; some do require an extra charge. 

We encourage all members to order additional cases, as, to make it cost effective for all members, the club intends to make 60-gallon barrels of each varietal. So help the club out! Get your friends and families involved and let's fill the barrels! Your support makes the club successful.

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  Some things that you should consider if making your wine at home.

First, we buy better premium grapes to get at our level. And you probably don't get the discount we get for the premium grapes and because of our volume. 
You have to go down and get your xxx lb boxes of grapes. 
You have to transport them to some location where you can start making his wine by yourself. 
You have to get/buy a crusher de-stemmer. 
You have to have/buy some fermenting barrels. 
You have to buy all chemicals, yeasts, and other additives. 
You have to keep an eye on his fermentation every day. 
You have to buy malolactic acid. 
You have to test the wine at various stages which mean you have to either buy lab equipment or pay to have samples tested. 
You have to buy a press and press the must. 
You had to buy tanks or barrels to age the wine. 
You have to monitor the wine during aging continually. 
You have to bottle the wine which means you have to buy bottle washers, bottle fillers, a corker, bottles, and corks. 
You have done all this by yourself. 
You have to mess up your house.

AND finally are your wines international quality and award winners? Or is it the average stuff most people around here make?
There are probably a few other expenses I missed. But you get my drift.

Naturally, there is a cost above the cost of grapes to make the wine. We have purchased commercial equipment; we provide the chemicals (including thousands of dollars of laboratory equipment).We offer the new bottles for the wine; we offer commercial stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels to age the wine. We provide food and beverages (wine as well) for the refreshment of the members during events. We offer a venue, including parties that the members are welcome to attend.

We have been able to provide all of this at a minimal cost above that of the grapes.

Do you want to join The North Coast Wine Club or sit home and do it yourself?

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North Coast Wine Club

30700 Bainbridge Rd

Solon, OH 44139

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$250 Dollars for Annual Membership

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Mailing Address:

North Coast Wine Club
30700 Bainbridge Rd
Solon, Ohio 44139

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Want a tour of our Club? Let us know when you'd like to visit and we'll email you back a good day to come out! We will also email club information.

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