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RED WINES                   PRE-PURCHASE

Carmenere                                           $275

 Cab Sauv   2 yr barrel                          $337

 Pinot Noir                                            $275

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North Coast Wine Club

30700 Bainbridge Road 

Solon, OH 44139

By adding to cart. You will receive a case of that wine when it is ready. Everything below is, by the case, 12 bottles. All grapes are from Chile. 

All orders are subject to change depending on availability.

We're looking forward to the fruit with very high expectations regarding its quality. Based on the conditions of the growing season combined with the weather Chile is having, this should be one of the best spring winemaking seasons on record!

The Chilean grapes are continuing to be harvested and are expected to arrive during mid-end of April. We expect our winemaking activities to begin soon thereafter. There is still availability of most varietals from Chile, but it's important to get your orders in ASAP to ensure their availability as the harvest is currently underway. Once the ships are loaded, and the grapes are on their way there will be no further availability.