August 10th 10am Bottling Grand Rive Valley Wines

​2019 Agenda

Saturday, Aug 10th, 10 am, is the date to mark on your calendar for bottling. 

We will be bottling the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Grand River Valley.

They need bottling! There are about 120 gallons to do. 

We will bottle & label them all as a group, and then you can take your wine home at the end of the bottling. 

Of course, there will be food and  Wine!
The club will provide a main TBA.

Please Bring a friend to check out the Club
We are always in search of new members.
More members means more options

 Please feel free and bring something to share.

The wines are tasting REAL GOOD!

Confirmed dates in  RED

We have some very exciting events going on in 2019!

  • Wine of the Month every 3rd Wed

See below for an agenda of events

Upcoming Events

The Home of International Award Winning Wines

Here is the Line Up for 2019 North Coast Wine Club
Feel Free to share this with friends and family.  
The Wine Club is looking for new memberships to help grow the club.

Call 440-821-4822 Tom

          216-215-2586 Dave


North Coast Wine Club

See Events calendar below to plan ahead. 


Free Winemaking Workshop and New Member Recruiting Party 

Plan and place grape/juice orders for wines to make in September/October

Bottle 2018 Reds - then they are available for pick up

2019 Grapes arrive. 
Start the winemaking process: Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack throughout the next two months.

4th Annual Hobo Party Oct 19th
More 2019  Grapes arrive
Continue the winemaking process:  Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack
2019 White Juice arrives: Ferment, Rack

Rack White Wines
Rack Red Wines to Barrels
Place orders for Lemon / Lime Cello, Cherry Brandy, and Port


Bottle Lemon/Lime Cello, Cherry Brandy, and Port
Once completed, Bottle and distribute the above


Wine of the MonthPinot Noir  Jan 16th 6.30



Bottling White Wines  March 17th
Barrel Tastings

Wine of the Month: Appassimeno March 21st


Wine of the Month: Sangiovese April 17th
Bottling Whites
April 27th

Bottle last years 2018 Spring Chilean Wines, then they are available for pick up Mid May

Wine of the Month: Rose` Wines May 15th 6:30 pm

Bottling Appassimento  May 18th 10am

3rd Annual Summer Garden Party 
June 22

Wine of the Month Sauvignon Blanc