​2018 Agenda

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We have some very exciting events going on in 2019!

  • LimonCello Cherry Brandy
  • Wine of the Month Starting Jan 2019
  • Workshops Starting January 2019

See below for an agenda of events

See Events calendar below to plan ahead. 

Here is the Line Up for 2018 North Coast Wine Club
Feel Free to share this with friends and family.  
The Wine Club is looking for new memberships to help grow the club.


Upcoming Events


Wine of the MonthPinot Noir  Jan 16th 6.30
Fill Barrels with 2018 finished wine 

Beer Making?

Sensory Workshop 
Feb 24th
Barrel Tastings 
Beer Making?


Bottling White Wines  March 17th
Barrel Tastings

Wine of the Month: Nebbiolo March 21st
Vineyard Wood's Rent-a-Row Meet & Greet  

Wine Making from Frozen Must or Chilean grapes 

Barrel Tastings April 14th

Wine of the Month: Chardonnay April 18th
Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack Frozen Must or Chilean grapes

Bottle last years 2017 Spring Chilean Wines, then they are available for pick up May 5th

Wine of the Month: Rose` Wines May 16th
Racking 2018 Spring made wines

3rd Annual Summer Garden Party 
June 23

Wine of the Month YTBD
Rack 2018 Spring Wines to Barrels

Sat Jan 12th Clean up the Club 10 am.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Field Trip 
July 26

Free Winemaking Workshop and New Member Recruiting Party 
August 25th 
Plan and place grape/juice orders for wines to make in September/October

Bottle 2017 Reds - then they are available for pick up

Sept 8th Sept 15

Sept 13th WineMakers Workshop
2018 Grapes arrive. 
Start the winemaking process: Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack throughout the next two months.

3rd Annual Hobo Party Oct 20th
More 2018  Grapes arrive
Continue the winemaking process:  Crush, Ferment, Press, and Rack
2018 White Juice arrives: Ferment, Rack

Rack White Wines
Rack Red Wines to Barrels
Place orders for Lemon / Lime Cello, Cherry Brandy, and Port

Press Napa CabDec 8th 10 am

Bottle Lemon/Lime Cello, Cherry Brandy, and Port Dec 15th 10 am
Once completed, Bottle and distribute the above

Confirmed dates in  RED

North Coast Wine Club

The Home of International Award Winning Wines

Saturday, Jan 12th at 10 am Clean up the Club  

We are asking members and friends to show up and help clean and straighten up the club. 

We are 100% out of the old club and we need to re-arrange the new club.

Stop by check the new place out and give a hand. 

There will be some wine I hear and some food too!